We believe quality of life is just as important as length of life. Let us help you and your loved ones navigate a terminal diagnosis with comfort and dignity.

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Hospice Care Redefined

Magnolia Hospice offers comprehensive, specialized medical care to address the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that often affects terminally ill individuals. Our experienced team puts compassion first to deliver thoughtful end-of-life care personalized for each patient.

Patients aren’t the only ones affected by a terminal diagnosis. When someone’s illness or condition is unlikely to be cured, their loved ones and caregivers need support, too. Hospice can provide caring, practical support for family members such as bereavement and grief counseling, social services, nursing care and more.

Hospice Location and Facility Partners

At Magnolia Hospice, we are ready to serve you and your family with professional end-of-life care and specialized support.  

We are made up of multiple teams and locations to deliver our standards of excellence in patient care. Located throughout Texas, our teams work closely together with each patient, the patient’s loved ones and the patient’s facility partner.